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Conscious Craving

A robust package for when the cravings hit! Fill your pantry with a selection of fruit, Pop Tarts, chips, yogurts or apple sauce and case of either soda or bottled water!

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▪ Four pieces of Fresh Fruit
▪ One box of Pop Tarts (6 ct.)
▪ Four bags of chips
▪ Six assorted 100 calorie packs
▪ Four yogurts (6 oz.) or Four apple sauce ((4 oz.)
▪ Choice of 12 pack canned soda or 1 case bottled water (24 ct)

*All products from our catalog may contain or be prepared with equipment that is also used to prepare products containing wheat, soy, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish and gluten. Please contact us before ordering if you have any questions about any of our selections.

Please contact us if you need to request a refund.   All refunds for non - student meal plans will be resolved within 72 hours.